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Home Events 2.part – Enhanced level practical training „Exposing Body´s Deep Consiousness“. The impact of prenatal experiences.

2.part – Enhanced level practical training „Exposing Body´s Deep Consiousness“. The impact of prenatal experiences.

Important! The prerequisite for participation in 2.part – enhanced level training, is: you have completed a workshop, seminar, school module (in schools Teadik Mina and Minade Kool) or pilot project on the same topic, led by Jaana and/or exclusively by Yakir. Possibility to get the prerequisite: https://minad.ee/en/events/1-part-basic-level-practical-training-exposing-bodys-deep-consciousness/

“There is much more continuity between intra-uterine life than the impressive caesura of the act of birth would have us believe” Freud, S. (1926). Inhibitions, Symptoms and Anxiety.

When we come to observe the inner forces of life we discover the function of the organism itself. Most of the biological processes can not be directed by our awake consciousness, they respond to changes in the biological environment and outer settings.


The mindset we are dealing with is divided by two; things that “happen to us” and things we do with intention. This division may lead us to create a very strong set of beliefs that there is self and body. Under these ways of thinking, terms like psycho-soma and body-mind are created. The hyphen (-) is here to unite and/or separate depending on the theorist/therapist. In actuality we use in language the term “my body” as if there is me and my belongings. We continue to refer to it as “the body” even in body oriented psychotherapy or mindfulness meditations.


There is the assumption that, under certain terms, the consciousness of the conceptus In utero has no separation at all between psych and soma. It is contributed due to the fact that life is not guarded and there is no need to search for nutritions. The conceptus aim is creating itself and continuing the chain reaction that began in the conception. Lack of a sense of protection and nourishment may cause the conceptus distress that may lead to a protective split in the mind.


The act of birth, the “caesura” (in latin “cut”), separates between two different biological environments and tears the conceptus’ amniotic sac apart and eventually the placenta is separated from the utero and later on from the body of the new born baby. Meaning, the caesura not only cuts the sterile life in utero but also cuts the organism and separates its body and discards the placenta, umbilical cord and amniotic sac.


The act of birth creates initial separation within the body of the organism upon which the structure of out-utero consciousness begins. The newborn arrives with a united consciousness and meets a mother that is there to protect and nourish them. Again,in the same way, if holding, protection and nourishment remains at a satisfactory level, separation of mindbody will be withheld. Eventually we will develop separation due to the fact that our surrounding figures are living by that separation. We grow to identify parts of ourselves as “me” and other parts as “not me” while all those parts reside in the same body. The paradox of separation – me and my body – is a structure that is supported by the whole society. The forgetfulness of inner unity, that we all share, is a collective subconscious barrier that stands between myself and recognizing the other.


This workshop continues even further, before traumas. Where we are building our bodies by ourselves, sensing the unity of the whole. We have created a bridging process from the in-utero life of the conceptus and the impact it still has on us. We investigate particularly, how split emerges and how to move into rearranging the structure in order to revive the feeling of unity. Even though there are biological divisions like the amniotic sac, placenta, umbilical cord and the embryo/fetus the consciousness has no division of psyche and soma.

What will we do in this advanced seminar?

  • Through practical exercises, we will move further into the period of the beginning of life. A place where we are still building our body structure and perceiving ourselves as a whole.
  • For this workshop, we have created specific processes that teach us how to ‘read’ and perceive how our womb experiences still affect us. And how to access them.
  • In order to accsess the feeling of being whole, we will pass thorough  the machanism of splits to learn and recognize it.
  • In this workshop we will start from the premise that although there are biological separators such as the amniotic sac, placenta, umbilical cord and embryo/fetus, there is no separation between body and mind.

Why participate?

  • Bringing the experience of feeling and sensing prenatal information, by doing this, we embed the desired new changes deeper into our bodies.
  • As individuals, parents, clients or therapists, we naturally strive for wholeness. In the recollection of the body-mind connection, there is the ability to experience and re-create presence and a sense of peace, which effects all areas of life.

Why we have created this training?

This workshop is a heartfelt creation, a contribution by Yakir and Jaana, to pass on this knowledge to those who share the same interest in deep, prenatal influences: “How are we built?”, “What influences it?”, “What prerequisites does it create?”and “How do we read these signals to know ourselves better?”

We invite you to join us for this 3-day advanced seminar to expand your awareness and knowledge of being whole, down to the cellular level. To create movements towards a higher quality connection with yourself and others, and to reach the place of peace and presence that many of us are seeking.


Yakir Elkayam from Israel and Jaana Saar from Estonia. Both experienced therapists with over 11 years of practice, both in their own clinics. They met at Yakir’s workshop in Estonia and as the topics covered different ends of the same interests, it all started to develop into a new direction. So, over a few years, they have facilitated a number of projects together and developed their own style of work, using a variety of methods – bodypsychotherapy, constellations, bodywork, psychotherapy and mindfulness. And their extensive experience in therapy work has given them the skills to do it all safely and with care.


  • When? February 23, 2024 from 14:00 to 20:00 / February 24 from 10:00 to 18:00 / February 25 from 9:00 to 17:00.
  • Location: Hotel Dzingel: https://dzingel.ee/
  • For information on participation fees and payment procedures: info@teadlikmina.ee and www.teadlikmina.ee.
  • Registration: info@teadlikmina.ee or www.teadlikmina.ee


Please come in very comfortable clothes so that you can move freely and feel your body more accurately. Bring your notebooks, but be aware that you will mostly be in the exercises as this is the best way to learn this subject.


Feb 23 - 25 2024


14:00 - 17:00