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MINADE KOOL (The School of Selves)

The School of the Selves is for those who wish to deepen their knowledge of psychology, the mechanisms of human functioning, to develop their own personality structure in order to be a spiritually strong and conscious individual.

The aim of the school is to create and make available everything that concerns the individual. To do this through practice, self-analysis and fine-tuning of perceptions. This means listening, seeing, smelling, feeling and experiencing the world and life as it is. Which makes it easier to live and to make choices.

The School of Selves is about learning to know the human being as a whole system through its parts, the many Selves. Each part has its own function and is approached through different theories, techniques and to explore and heal it. How to put all this into different therapeutic practices and use it also in everyday life can be learned here at the school.

The first inaugural course is “Additional Training for Therapists”, which lasted for six months and the first course has already finished on 2022. A new one will open in early 2023.

The story of School

The founder of the school is Jaana Saar, a long-standing internationally certified hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, bodypsychotherapist and constellator. Jaana has been creating and conducting personality development seminars, courses and workshops for adults for almost 10 years. And, as always, it all started from a personal need to grow and heal. This led her to study, where she immediately began to practice the skills and knowledge she had learned. He eagerly took up many additional courses and practices, all of which (in whole or in part) have now found use in various outlets in therapy, training and private life.

The foundations of the School of Minade were laid with the first 4-day Minade Intensive Seminar in 2017, and since then the Minade Intensive Seminar have been held regularly 3 times a year. From that moment on, the desire to bring together important personal development topics under one denominator started to grow. Although she didn’t yet have an exact idea of how, Jaana always knew that one day she would teach on topics that came from a great interest and a warm heart. To share her knowledge and skills with everyone who shares the same interest – people and psychology, science and anatomy, genes and family trees.

And at the end of it all, several participants started to ask when they would be able to study with Jaana. By the end of the 11-th Minade Intensive Seminar in May, 2021, it felt like it was time to start putting the idea of the Minade School into practice. And so she sat down and started working on the curriculum.

Little of the original content has been retained, and foreign teachers have been added. In addition, the School of Minade has received a quality endorsement from the director of the Teadlik Mina school programme. This is a great honour and a great new beginning. Thank you to everyone who is helping to make this project a reality. And for participating now and in the future in the events created by Minade School to grow and create a better future for ourselves and for all those who come after us.

You can read more about Jaana here

The aim of the training is to help therapists to recognise the content and uses of different techniques and their limitations.

Online courses

At the moment there are no courses in english. But will be added as soon as possible.

Other opportunities for personal development and interesting events in estonian. Events in english not yet avalible. Will be updated accordingly.