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Home Events 1.part – Basic Level. Practical training „Exposing Body´s Deep Consciousness“. The impact of prenatal experiences.

1.part – Basic Level. Practical training „Exposing Body´s Deep Consciousness“. The impact of prenatal experiences.

Important! This is a basic level training, which is a prerequisite for the subsequent, more advanced level of 2nd part training. All those who have completed the workshops, seminars, schoolmodules or pilot projects on the same topic, led by Jaana and/or exclusively by Yakir, will be automatically qualified to participate in the 2nd part – Enhanced training on 23.02-25.02.2024 (https://minad.ee/en/events/2-part-enhanced-level-practical-training-exposing-bodys-deep-consiousness/)

In this workshop, we will guide you to different levels of body consciousness. These are very subtle levels, which can be noticed by using specific whole body practices. Therefore the facilitators have specifically developed and put together special exercises from several methods. 


The workshop is suitable for everyone who is keen on working on deeper levels with themselves. Or therapists who would like to be more tuned in to a client body processes that can not be explained easily or issues that need specific approaches on an early memory level. 


Here you could learn to use body-mind practices and experience firsthand the body consciousness. By observing the changed state of consciousness in body sensations a more expanded image of you will be revealed.  Because body consciousness was established in our earliest time of existence, words are often insufficient in explaining it.

In our daily habitual life we move around and act in an automatic way. We get “used” to our patterns and take it as “this is me, this is how i am”, as it has “always” been with me. And so, we may find ourselves doing things that are not beneficial for our lives. For example, the tendency of pushing our teeth tightly together without noticing it or lifting our shoulders. Even just the way we sit or walk. It is not because we feel comfortable, but more because we have impulses in the body „who“ tells us to do so. 

By observing body patterns we learn its code and action, exposing the unconscious behavior. Here comes the need to access the body´s deep consciousness in order to bring it all into awareness.  Therefore the aim of this experiential workshop is, to focus on reading and sensing those deeply embedded, subtle unconscious impulses and structures in the body. Although these are subtle, they form a structure of the way we sense and use our body, how we feel and react. Once the body consciousness is exposed, we are able to take steps towards the change.  


Yakir Elkayam from Israel and Jaana Saar from Estonia. Both very skilled therapists over 10 years of practice, both in their own clinics. They met at Yakir´s workshop in Estonia and as the topics covered different ends of the same interests, it all started to form a new direction. So over a year they have facilitated several projects together and developed their own work of style with different methods put together – body psychotherapy, constellations, body work, psychotherapy and mindfulness. And their wide experiences in therapy work, has given them  skills to conduct all this safely and confirmly. 


The workshop is in english and translated into estonian. 


  • When? January 26, 2024 from 14:00 to 20:00 / January 27 from 10:00 to 18:00 / January 28 from 9:00 to 17:00.
  • Location: Hotel Dzingel: https://dzingel.ee/en/home/
  • For information on participation fees and payment procedures: info@teadlikmina.ee and www.teadlikmina.ee.
  • Registration: info@teadlikmina.ee or www.teadlikmina.ee


Please come in very comfortable clothes so that you can move freely and feel your body more accurately. Bring your notebooks, but be aware that you will mostly be in the exercises as this is the best way to learn this subject.


Jan 26 - 28 2024


14:00 - 17:00


Hotel Dzingel
Männiku tee 80, Tallinn, Estonia